The artists at the Temple Decor are incredibly skilled and diverse, and can meet almost any tattoo need, from tribal to photo realism and anything in between. Scheduling a consultation is always free and is highly recommended.

If you know you want a tattoo but don’t even know where to start, come on in to the shop and spend some time looking at the artist portfolios. We have a big leather couch and we welcome you to come in, grab the portfolios and see which of the artist’s work catches your eye.

We are happy to take walk-ins when we can, but we are a very busy studio and appointments are recommended.


Starting @

The shop minimum for a tattoo is $80 and the hourly rate is between $100-150 depending on the artist.
It’s best to come in and talk to the artist of your choice directly for a price quote.

A non-refundable cash deposit of $60 is required for all appointments.
The deposit goes directly towards the cost of your tattoo, and if you need to reschedule your appointment and give us more than 24 hours notice, the deposit is transferable.



The skin is an amazing organ that takes extremely great care of itself, all you need to do is help it along. There are a few basic things you need to know.

As with any intrusion to the skin, you run the risk of infection.

DO NOT trust the advice of your friends or family. Failure on your part to care for your tattoo may result in extra costs for you.